Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trouble Adding Hosts in SCVMM

So I'm learning more and more each day about virtualization techniques and technologies. Recently Microsoft announced that they have added a P2V conversion is in their System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) Beta 2. So I run out and install it (Ya right! I actually bring our Internet to its knees for a few hours as I download the VHD files). I didn't get far with my experiment.

In case you try playing with SCVMM, here is where I got stuck yesterday. I attempted to add a host to SCVMM (the first thing you need to do) and it kept failing. That is, I told it I had another box called CTCT3.domain.local running Virtual Server and I want to manage it from SCVMM. The PowerShell script it ran Failed 4 times.

The failure said:

Error (447)

Agent installation failed on ctct3.techcareteam.local because the supported version of Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is not installed.

Please download WinRM from

So I attempt to do what it says but the download is actually a reporting engine or something. Not exactly what I was expecting. After a few Google searches I discover the following:

WinRM is part of the operating system. However, to obtain data from remote computers, you must configure a WinRM listener. For more information, see Installation and Configuration for Windows Remote Management. If a BMC is detected at system startup, then the IPMI provider loads; otherwise, the WinRM scripting objects and the WinRM command-line tool are still available.

Windows Server 2003 R2:  WinRM is not installed by default, but is available as the Hardware Management feature through the Add/Remove System Components feature in Control Panel under Management and Monitoring Tools.

Windows Server 2003, Windows XP/2000, and Windows NT:  WinRM is not available. You can use WMI to obtain data from remote computers, but remote access requires DCOM configuration. For more information, see Connecting to WMI on a Remote Computer.

So I go to CTCT3 to insure WinRM is installed but then discover it is running Server 2003 SP1. Well I guess that is not going to work. Time to upgrade. Oh joy. Once I get this fixed I'm going to convert my production SBS Server (Susan would call it Baby) to a Virtual Server using MS's SCVMM. I be sure to share my success and failures. And if I ever figure out how to add pictures to this blog I'll post some screen shots.


SteveJHU said...

Hey Mark, any success with this?
We've been trying to add hosts into SCVMM too, but got the same WinRM error. We are running all these servers as 2003 R2 SP2, and added the Hardware Management component; but we still get the error and cannot add hosts. We've even tried adding the agent manually at the host. I guess that's what we get with it being a beta. Oh well.

Mark said...

Yes, I added the WinRM at both the host and the SCVMM machine. Rebooted each and it worked. My problem with the link is that I was not logged into the connect site on the server where I was attempting to find the file.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark
Even Iam facing the same problem. When iam trying to add the Host, getting the error and iam running Windows 2003 SP1 edition of Windows. What do u suggest as the solution ? That upgrade windows to R2 with SP2 ? where do i get this software ? is this free download ?
after that iam not able to find out Hardware Management Component in my Add / Remove Components. What wil be the solution ? Please mail me in


Mark said...

2 things.
The files that the error suggest can be accessed in the SCVMM Beta downloads area on The reason I couldn't see the file is that I was attempting to access the reccomended link from the server and was not logged in to my .net account on that server. I installed the required file on both the SCVMM and the Host and it resolved that issue after rebooting.
Regarding R2, I'm not sure. The best bet is go to the SCVMM managed newsgroup. they are very helpfull there.

Good luck and be sure to add my new blog at