Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Duck and Cover!

Growing up in earthquake prone Southern Cal, I remember all too well the duck and cover drills from grade school. I'm afraid I get the same desire to dive under my desk now as I did then when I hear about somebody as large as Microsoft planning to merge two databases that contains authentication information for about ½ the web sites I visit.

Email from MS:

This is a reminder that as of June 18th you will need a Windows Live ID in order to register for and attend web seminars.  Also, to serve you better, this account will be linked to profile data stored in the system so you only have to enter your information into the system once.  We are excited to offer this new service, which will greatly streamline the registration process for web seminars. 

Once this feature goes live, you will need to sign in to register for any new web seminars, and attend any live web seminar for which you may have already registered.  In order to make the transition as easy as possible, we ask that you please go to https://accountservices.passport.net in the next two weeks to create a Windows Live ID if you don't already have one.  At the time of your live web seminar, simply follow the link from your notification email.  The system will ask you to sign in and may then ask you to complete your profile on record if it is missing any required fields.  

OK, so maybe I'm paranoid and they are just "linking" data but just to make sure, I'm going to Expedia right now to print out my upcoming travel itineraries.

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