Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recovering a customer’s WSS with StorageCraft’s SPS

This may read like a shameless plug but it's not. It's an expression of my gratitude to a great product and a determined technician. When I got the email yesterday from my field tech I was on my way home sick, my senior tech was in training in Atlanta and my server and DR tech was on vacation. Not a good start. It seems we were going to need to recover a critical file that the customer hadn't bothered to tell us they were now storing on their CompanyWeb. I was less than happy. I was ready to tell the customer that the file was gone. You see, we don't run the native SBS Backup anymore nor do we use VSS on WSS as we now use StorageCraft Server Edition to protect critical servers and workstations for all our managed customers. I was really wishing I had paid more attention to Chad's lesson on SharePoint Recovery at NOLO so now we were facing a task I wasn't familiar with – recovering a SharePoint site. Good news! It's really not that hard and with StorageCraft's SPS it took only a few minutes. Here are the David Thorpe's notes from his ticket. I hope this helps somebody else.

Summary Notes for the ticket:

Created a Copy of C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$SHAREPOINT.

Mounted ShadowProtect image backed up on 6/10/2007 at 4:01PM as drive letter Z:


Stopped the sharepoint site in IIS and copied over the MSSQL$SHAREPOINT from Z:

Restarted sharepoint site, SQL services, and dismounted SP backup image.

Verified that the USF SALES TOTAL.XLS file was restored.

Will follow-up to inquire if it's the most recent version.


I was going to ask him to write it up a little prettier but I think this shows the basic steps. This recovered the full WSS 2 site.

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