Friday, June 8, 2007

Am I asking too much?

So one of my techs sends me this handy link that allows you to transfer ownership and remaining service on a Dell and I think that's nice. My real need is the ability to get paid when I help Dell renew a nice profitable service contract/warranty. Say I acquire a new customer (it could happen) and they have a mixed bag of Dell OEM boxes and servers. I notice that the service contracts are either about to expire or already have expired. Do you think Dell is going to give me credit ($) for renewing those agreements? Fat chance! Even if I join their reseller program I still can't get any margin on service contract renewals of systems I didn't originally sell. I guess I need to suggest to the customer they replace those old systems instead with a new managed computer from HP where they only pay monthly to us and never own the box or the risk. What choice do I have? When will Dell get it?

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