Friday, June 8, 2007

And they said it wasn’t possible…

What am I missing here? Google gets out the gate first in the race to deliver virtualized office-like applications (Web Applications) called Google Docs and Spreadsheets so you can edit that document or spreadsheet without having to install MS Office. OK, I'm on board with this idea. I sounds pretty cool and we know MS still has their version in beta for the next few hundred years (sorry, I get impatient with I'm on the user end) but the irony is they (Google) now have had to come out with software you install on your computer to run your Google Docs and Spreadsheets when you are not actually connected to the internet (God forbid!). They call this genius solution Google Gears. So let me get this straight, we virtualized an app so we don't have to install software but now we are writing software we have to install so we can run the app. We sure are working hard to make things easy… Don't lose faith yet, I'm confident MS can make this even more complicated with their virtual app release by adding licensing into the mix… ODG!

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